Van Staal Titanium Pliers

Van Staal quality and durability.

While the C-Vex reel made quite a splash for Van Staal when it was first introduced, the company has long been known for its outstanding titanium pliers. It recently added a new pair to its product line that may end up more popular than the original.

Overall, the new pliers resemble the original titanium version and come in a 6.5-inch-long needle-nose configuration made from 17-4 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. It features Van Staal's trademark built-in cutters, which are made from tungsten and can easily cut through the toughest braided lines or multistrand wire. Its blades are simple to replace when necessary. Unlike those of the original models, the ergonomically designed handles of these new stainless pliers are coated with Santoprene, a rubberized polymer material that offers a nonslip coating and a comfortable grip regardless of the weather conditions. The pliers come standard with a lanyard, and a nylon sheath can be purchased separately. They retail for $189; $219 with the pouch.

For more information, write to Van Staal at 6109 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115; call 800-718-7335; or visit