Front Pack from Ribz

I loaded it with a few fly boxes, a spare reel, some tools and a couple other odds and ends...

Ribs Front Pack
Ribz Front Pack Ribz

I recently received an interesting pack from a company called Ribz. I’m normally not a big fan of packs as I feel like they often get in the way of casting and fighting or releasing fish. However, this one is quite a bit different and I plan on using it asap.

To try it out, I loaded it with a few fly boxes, a spare reel, some tools and a couple other odds and ends. When I put it on, I was expecting it to be clumsy and awkward but I was surprised (and pleased) to find that it was extremely comfortable.

In total, there are 5 sizeable pockets – each of which are opened and closed with a heavy-duty zipper. The pack is designed in a way that gives you immediate access to the gear that you need most. If you have more gear that you need to carry with you, with the pack on you are still able to comfortably wear a backpack. Another aspect about this pack that I particularly liked was that you can adjust the straps so that it puts the storage areas wherever they are convenient for you. The material is soft yet rugged and just in case, all Ribz products come with a full warranty. For more information, visit


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