Ex Officio Air Strip Shirt

A quick-drying, UV-resistant shirt...

Historically, the Air Strip by Ex Officio represents the clothing company's top-selling shirt. Its super-light-weight and superior venting qualities make it a favorite of anglers, backpackers and traveling outdoorsmen around the world. The company has upped the bar once again, introducing a retooled version of the classic in Dryflylite fabric.

The 80-percent-nylon and 20-percent-polyester blend is lighter than ever at 2.5 ounces per square yard. This fabric also offers increased air permeability, softness, and moisture wicking, along with a faster drying time. For those taking to the tropics, the 30+ UV sun-shield rating comes in handy.

Dryflylite shirts are available in short- and long-sleeve styles for men (MSRP $79) and women ($49). For more information, visit www.exofficio.com.