Gamakatsu SC17 Fly Hooks

Specifically designed for big fish situations.



Gamakatsu has added yet another weapon to its extensive arsenal of saltwater fly hooks.  The new SC17 is the culmination of input from some of the most experienced tarpon anglers in the world.

The company basically asked serious tarpon anglers what they wanted in a hook - and the SC17 is the result.

This new series is specifically designed for big fish in situations where a small hook is necessary. It is available in sizes 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. The compact design allows anglers to present a smaller-profile fly while having the strength needed to hang on to a very large, angry tarpon.

The SC17 features a short, stout shank with an eye turned up ever so slightly to put the direction of pull in line with the sticky, sharp beak point.  The SC17 also has a very wide gap to help hold the fish once the battle begins.  It also makes a good tube-fly trailer.

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