Fathom-Master Electrics


Responding to numerous angler requests, Penn has recently reintroduced two electric versions of its popular Fathom-Master Downrigger. The Model 805 ($599) features a 24" boom and a fixed base, while the 835 ($679) features a 48" boom and a Swivel-Matic base. A switch/control system lets you raise or lower the weight to any depth down to 200 feet, and you can also program the unit to set the weight at any of 10 specific depths. The adjustable drag can be set to slip in case of a snag, and also allows for manual retrieve. The powerful motor will retrieve weights of up to 14 pounds at a rate of 135 feet per minute, and internal components are protected by a tough, water-resistant polycarbonate housing. Other features include an easy-carry handle, a swivel boom tip, and 200 feet of 135 lb. stainless cable. Penn, Philadelphia, PA; (215) 229-9415; www.pennreels.com