Mercury Theft Deterrent System

The new Mercury Theft Deterrent System (TDS) improves boat and engine security and provides owners ease of mind.

mercury theft 2

mercury theft 2

The new Mercury Theft Deterrent System (TDS) improves boat and engine security and provides owner ease of mind by allowing you to immobilize the engine if someone starts the engine without inserting the fob.

Key features include an LED light scheme on the docking station that indicates when the system is running under limited versus normal operating conditions. It also includes a red blinking light (similar to many automobile systems) that indicates the system is installed on the boat even when the key switch is in the off position.

In the event that the fob is missing or an incorrect fob is inserted, Mercury TDS allows you to start the engine but limits RPM and performance while still allowing slow speed operation. Until the system is fully engaged with the fob fully inserted in the docking station, the engine will only operate at this reduced power range and performance will be restricted. Once TDS is deactivated with the correct fob, the engine will perform at normal operating ranges.

The TDS system's attractive automotive-type two-piece fob carries a transponder that interfaces with the docking station. The antenna in the docking station and the fob transmit radio signals, which send messages to the system computer. These messages create a direct communication link to the engine computer via Mercury’s proprietary controlled area network (CAN) messaging system.

TDS Premium with Connected Vessel

Mercury TDS Premium provides remote monitoring of your boat's on-board Theft Deterrent System. This system is designed to deter theft by limiting engine RPM (in some circumstances) and reporting boat position via GPS tracking. Use of this system may allow you to obtain lower boat insurance premiums. With a system known as “geofencing” your system automatically sets a GPS boundary limit around your boat and if it moves beyond the boundary limit (geofence) you will be notified.

Protect Your Boat

Protect your boat while you are away or on board, by monitoring vital systems like battery strength, engine functions and engine diagnostic codes using Mercury's SmartCraft messaging. What's more, information can automatically be relayed to your personal contact list by e-mail and/or SMS, saving you time and money on preventable mishaps.