Double Strike Chum


This patented chum has proven highly effective in attracting a wide variety of species including snapper, grouper, flounder, bluefish, striped bass, mackerel and baitfish in both northern and southern waters. It comes in four-pound plastic-sealed "logs" that can be transported without refrigeration for up to seven days, and stored for another seven in a cool environment. It'll last three months if refrigerated, and indefinitely when frozen. Simply cut a slit in the casing and toss the log overboard in a specially designed Double Strike rubber-coated wire basket ($25) or nylon mesh bag ($15) and watch the fish swim into the growing cloud of herring bits and oil. Each log works for several hours depending on the length of the slit. A box of five logs goes for $25 and is UPS shippable. Double Strike Chum, Bowdoinham, ME; (207) 666-8283;