Dash It All

This month we check out the Lowrance XOG. Also reviewed: the Quick Mini Genius and Hella's 7118 Series Structured Lens Deck Floodlights.



**Dash It All **Marine electronics should solve problems, not create more of them. For trailer-boaters' navigation solutions, it's hard to beat the Lowrance XOG ($300). This small, self-contained unit can function as a handheld GPS, with a 3.5-inch touch screen and simple, intuitive menus. Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the XOG has a sensitive GPS system that draws little juice, yet works in areas of weak signal strength. Preloaded with street maps for the U.S. and Canada, the XOG is a turn-by-turn navigator for your tow vehicle. Once you find the launch ramp, splash the boat, grab the weatherproof XOG and locate the hot spots with your choice of charts, including Navionics Gold. Lowrance; (800) 324-1356; www.lowrance.com  
** Little Heaver **Maybe you don't own a 50-plus-foot sportfisherman, but that doesn't mean pulling up the anchor is any less of a pain-or strain-aboard your small craft. If you chase wreck dwellers on your center console, get hooked up with a Mini Genius windlass system ($1,020) from Quick. Designed for vessels up to 23 feet long, looks may be deceiving, but this little guy can haul 95 feet of rode per minute, with a maximum pull of 1,210 pounds. The unit also features a wraparound chain-stripper to prevent jamming. Made of aluminum anodized in hard oxide, the Mini Genius won't corrode no matter how many waves you take over the bow. Quick; (410) 768-5995; www.quickusa.com  

| | ** Flashy Flood** If you love catching stripers, snook or yellowfin, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time on the water after dark. To avoid slips and trips on deck, proper lighting is key, and a great way to get it is with Hella's 7118 Series Structured Lens Deck Floodlights ($55). With a free-form reflector, the 7118s keep things safe and bright with homogeneous lighting, even under high vibration. Rough seas and flying gaffs are no match for the fiber-reinforced, UV-resistant housing, while the lens is bonded with the reflector to eliminate dust buildup and internal moisture. Hella Marine; (770) 631-7500; www.hellamarine.com|

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