Center of the Tension


The Abu Garcia Center Drag (CD) reels introducedlast year have been joined by four larger models. Series 5000through 8000 CD Big Game reels feature stainless components andanti-corrosive parts, sealed drags and anodized aluminum spools.The unique center drag is located on the base of the spool, andfeatures large, graphite-impregnated Teflon washers. Each reelhas a 4.8:1 retrieve ratio, instant anti-reverse, five stainlessball bearings, one stainless roller bearing, one-piece aluminumgearbox and one-piece graphite body. The CD Big Game 5000 spinningreel holds over 200 yrds. of 14 lb. mono, while the model 8000holds 290 yrds. of 20 lb. test. Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake, IA;(877) 777-3850.