Boa Jig'r Spoons

Thundermist Lure Company's new patented jigging spoon


Jigging spoons have become a very popular offering for artificial enthusiasts. They are durable, effective and draw voracious strikes. Thundermist Lure Company has come out with their very own patented jigging spoon called the Boa Jig'r. The Boa Jig'r was specifically designed to accommodate live bait, cut bait and artificial soft plastic bait. Each Boa Jig'r sports an innovative, tandem hook design. The two hooks act as a bait holder and the second hook also acts as a built in stinger hook. Of course the Boa Jig'r will work if fished without bait but the addition of bait (dead or alive) without a doubt increases your odds. Another feature of the jig are two brass and one plastic beads that are fixed just above the hooks.  When "jigged" these beads clack together and will often attract game fish lurking nearby.  For more information, visit