April ’09 New Gear

Fin-Nor Offshore Star Drag Levelwind reels; Optima Group 27 BlueTop batteries; Wiley X Climate Control shades

Small and Fast
The idea behind the new Fin-Nor Offshore Star Drag Levelwind series was to produce a casting reel that was small, fast, light and strong. The compact size of the series was achieved by designing the reel from the spool out. The strength and speed come from an oversize stainless-steel main gear, a brass pinion gear, five double-shielded ball bearings and a sealed clutch bearing. Durable yet lightweight die-cast aluminum makes up the reel’s body and sidecovers. The levelwind features an oversize worm shaft  with a unique cross-wrap design to help when fishing with super braids. The drag system utilizes Fin-Nor’s proven 11-disc, multistack stainless and carbon-fiber system. The reels are available in 16- , 20- and 30-pound models. Starting at $199.95;


Start Your Engines**
The new Group 27 BlueTop is the latest addition to the Optima Batteries product family. The use of Spiralcell Technology in construction cuts down on vibration, while solid-cast cell connections increase durability. Despite their smaller size, these batteries can power stereos, GPS systems, bilge pumps, fish finders and other high-demand electronics while maintaining plenty of cranking power.  The batteries also offer faster recharging, are completely spill-proof and may be mounted in almost any position. Starting at $199;


Safety Shades

Wind, spray, debris and harsh glare take a major toll on anglers’ eyes. Wiley X Inc. has stepped up to the plate with an effort to keep your eyes safe and also provide an optical advantage. The Climate Control Series is a hybrid between goggles and sunglasses. This new breed includes a patented, removable, vented foam gasket that locks into the lightweight frames. The gasket itself is constructed of multilayer, air-permeable foam featuring a felt cover on the front for comfort. The system is completely removable, transforming protective eyewear into a traditional pair of shades in a snap. Beyond durability, Wiley X lenses provide visual acuity and glare-reducing protection. Lenses are available in a variety of color options – from Polarized Silver Flash to Light Adjusting and more. Retail $136;