Accurate Boss Magnum B-665XN Reel

Accurate's new model Boss Magnum B-665XN reel is a narrow-spool reel that allows greater thumb control and faster line recovery. The 6:1 gear ratio also eats up line in a hurry, allowing for rapid retrieves, which can be critical when fishing lures for tuna, wahoo, kingfish and other speedy predators. The new model also features Accurate's precision TwinDrag system, which applies even drag pressure to both sides of the reel spool. All Accurate frames are machined from solid, barstock aluminum and feature 7 stainless-steel bearings and stainless, heat-treated gears. The B-665XN will hold 350 yds. of 30 lb. mono, and retails for around $437. Accurate, Corona, CA; (888) 222-8372.