Stand-Up Tackle Tactics for Big Fish

Fighting big fish on stand-up tackle is applied science, not brute force.

Gearing Up: Properly fitted stand-up gear gives you a big advantage when fighting big fish.
Tackling Giants: Big bluefin tuna offer an exceptional challenge on stand-up tackle, but can be caught when you’ve been correctly outfitted.
Ready, Set, Adjust your gear and get to know it long before you’re on the water. Set at least three drag position markings on the reel. If the reel doesn’t have numbered marks on the side plate, waterproof tape works fine. See above illustration.Joe Mahler
On the ­initial run, with the drag at prestrike, you want the tuna to make a long, fast run under moderate pressure, ­burning up lots of energy. When it stops, push the drag up closer to strike and start pumping.
Battle Won: Beating a large fish on stand-up gear provides deep satisfaction.