Fly Rod at the Ready

False albacore move so fast that I often have only seconds to get off a cast, which means having the fly line already stripped off and lying on deck. When running alone, this is nearly impossible, because the line blows all over the deck, catching on everything on the boat. To solve this problem, I got two five-gallon buckets and cut the bottom off one, then carefully filed and sanded the cut edge smooth. I then drilled corresponding holes around the top edges of the two buckets and attached them top to top, through the holes with wire ties. The result is a very tall bucket, open on the top with a belly in the middle, which I secured with a bungee cord to the side of the console of my boat. I strip the fly line off the reel into the bucket and then stand the rod in the bucket, which holds it all easily, even when I’m running full speed. When I stop to cast, my line is not tangled and the whole setup is ready for a shot at the albies. Another hint: tuck the fly between the bungee and the bucket so it doesn’t fly around while underway. – Adam Green, Margate City, New Jersey

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