2023 Fishing Boat Buyers Guide

Salt Water Sportsman‘s 2023 Fishing Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market. Find all of the new boat reviews, boat pictures and boat videos.


Should you find yourself giddy with anticipation at the prospect of buying a new offshore center-console or other fishing boat, join the club. For many saltwater anglers, purchasing an offshore- or inshore-fishing machine represents one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Once the deal is done and outfitting complete, this boat will become your key to adventure, glory and creating memories that last for generations. For that dream to come true, however, you need to put in some due diligence in researching the boat and marine accessories that meet your expectations, style of fishing, and budget. 

In the content below, we feature a wide range of fishing boats. Use these profiles, ­images and video links as starting points. Narrow your wish list to those models that seem to best meet your angling and boating needs and desires. The next steps should include field research. Find out who carries the brands that interest you. Visit as many dealerships and factory-direct builders as possible within your driving range to compare value and premium brands. This will help narrow your list further. These articles are created to help you choose the right power and equipment, and how best to store or trailer your boat between trips. Sea trials are key to pulling the trigger, and in this content, we deliver our editors’ professional tips on making the most of sea trials to evaluate the boat, power and accessories, and whether you should slip, hoist, dry-stack or trailer your new fishing boat.

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2023 Boat Buyers Guide

Boating Magazine’s 2023 Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market.

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Inshore / Costal Boats

Inshore / Coastal Boats are powered with a single engine and are usually under 26 feet long with shallow draft and include center consoles, bay, flats, some walkarounds and dual consoles.