Fisheries Watch

New Jersey Gets New Striper Bill
The governor of New Jersey approved a bill that set the limit for striped bass at two fish measuring 28 inches or more and will apply to all state waters. According to the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, the new regulation will not affect the size limit of the Striped Bass Bonus Program, which allows anglers to keep a third fish that is 28 inches or longer.

Gulf Proposes Some Big Cuts
The red snapper commercial fishery of the Gulf Coast could be on the receiving end of some major changes. As early as 2007, the possible regulations to protect stocks of red snapper include:

  • Closing up to 50 percent of the Gulf to commerical shrimping.

  • Limiting commercial fishermen to waters at least 90 feet deep.

Talk of the proposals has come in light of recent studies, which say that, despite negotiated limits on harvest and bycatch, red snapper are failing to recover at the rate predicted by fisheries biologists. Anglers may also see a 75-percent cut in the daily limit. The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council began holding meetings on the issue earlier this year.