Electronic Boat Security

Cost-effective new systems keep tabs on your boat location and report on systems status via apps
Siren Marine App
With a mobile device you always know your boat is where it is supposed to be. Courtesy Siren Marine
Nautic Monitoring hub
Monitoring stations tuck away out of sight. Courtesy Nautic

Boaters have access to a growing number of affordable and compact electronic security and monitoring systems designed specifically for boats.

One of the newest is the Nautic-On system from Brunswick Corp, which was introduced at the recent Miami International Boat Show, which sells for as little as $600, plus a $149 annual service fee. Another example is the Siren Marine MTC system, which starts at $599, plus a $180 annual service fee.

Security system
Security systems link to phone or mobile device. Courtesy Siren Marine

The systems are also compact. For example, the waterproof main hub for the Siren MTC is the size and shape of a small paperback book with a snap on/off bracket that makes it easy to add hard-wire sensors. The sensors themselves are even smaller, and many communicate wirelessly with the main hub.


The hub utilizes a built-in GPS for location data and cellular service to communicate information about your boat to an app on your mobile device. This, of course, requires that your boat is within cellular service range.

Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS provides for location verification and geo-fencing Courtesy Siren Marine

In the most basic setup, these systems will report the location of your boat, if the boat leaves a designated geo-fence, battery voltage and temperature of the area in which the hub is installed. But the systems allow for expansion with the addition of sensors related to motion, vibration, open hatches and companionways, and more. These let you know if someone has stepped aboard your boat without permission.

You can also connect a second battery monitor, as well as a high-water alarm and your bilge pump to tell you if the boat is taking on water or of the bilge is cycling on.

Systems monitoring
Systems monitoring is part of the package Courtesy Nautic

In addition to mobile alerts, you can be tied in visual and audible on-site alarms, such as the spreader lights and boat horn, when select sensors are triggered. Output terminals can also be used to remotely activate onboard systems such as the air conditioning or bilge pump.

Thanks to mobile, wireless and GPS technology, it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on your boat from afar.