Divide and Conquer


Plastic tackle-storage boxes go a long way toward keeping my tackle organized. But when I store small items, such as hooks, they move freely from compartment to compartment in rough seas - or if I drop the box - because the lid does not come into firm contact with the top edges of the dividers. I solved this problem with some rubber foam weather-seal tape. The tape measures 3/8" wide by 3/16" thick. To install the tape on the underside of the lid, I closed the box and drew lines on the outside of the lid with a dry-erase marker along the tops of the dividers, where I can see them through the lid-top. Then I opened the lid, cleaned the surface, and affixed the weather-seal tape along the lines. Now the dividers come in contact with the foam, closing the space that let the hooks get mixed up. After I applied the tape, I wiped off the marker lines I used as a guide.

- Mark Ciciulla, Wilmington, California