Daiwa adds new offerings to its saltwater lure family

New Salt Minnow, Chugger Minnow, Salt Pro Minnow Jerkbaits and Saltiga Sacrifice Lighting Jigs Join the Line-Up

Daiwa has added several offerings to its saltwater lure line up - including three new floating "minnow" jerkbait models and a new selection of Saltiga Sacrifice Lightning Jigs - all designed to provoke aggressive strikes from a wide variety of game fish.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Daiwa's Salt Minnow, Chugger Minnow and Salt Pro Minnow lures boast realistic scale patterns, 3-D eyes and swimming actions that effectively mimic the appearance and movements of frightened baitfish.  Each minnow also features durable, heavy-duty saltwater hooks and an innovative internal weight transfer system for easier, longer casts.

Both the Daiwa Salt Minnow and Salt Pro Minnow are floating jerkbaits made for a fast, ripping-style retrieve.  They dive up to three feet deep, and feature erratic side-to-side swimming actions that predators can't resist.  The Daiwa Chugger Minnow is also a floating jerkbait, but this lure has a unique lip design that makes it work just below the surface. It emits a small splash when cranked and swims like a frantic, hunted baitfish.

Also joining Daiwa's Saltwater Lure Series are new Saltiga Sacrifice Lightning Jigs.  Featuring realistic prism scale patterns, 3-D eyes and ultra-tough finishes, these metal jigs sink fast to reach the strike zone in a hurry. When worked up through the water column, offset "shoulders" produce an irregular swimming action that rings the dinner bell for hungry game fish.

Daiwa's Salt Minnow and Chugger Minnow lures sell for $6.95 (MSRP), while the Salt Pro Minnows are priced at $9.95 (MSRP).   Saltiga Sacrifice Lightning Jigs range from $13.95 (MSRP) to $19.95 (MSRP), depending upon the specific model.