Compact Man-Overboard Ladder


Rather than keeping a bulky fold-up ladder aboard, I fashioned a space-saving man-overboard ladder out of 1/2" line. The 5' looped-rope ladder takes up very little space and has hand- and footholds that help swimmers climb aboard quickly and easily. To make this ladder, start with about 20' of 1/2" dockline. Double a 3' section, treat the double line as though it were a single strand and tie a hitch in it, pulling it tight, then repeat the process until the entire line is a series of loops - each about a foot in diameter and spaced about one foot apart. To use the ladder, throw one of the end loops over a cleat and drop the other end over the side. Using the loops as steps, almost anyone can climb back aboard.

—Jack Innis, San Diego, California