Castnet Caddy


My castnet not only makes a mess and marks up my deck, handling the baitfish removes their protective slime coat. I found a simple solution to all these problems. I got a 30-or 55-gallon plastic drum that once held liquid soap (find one at a restaurant or hospital) and sawed off the bottom, leaving a 6" high rim. I took the bottom piece and sanded the top edges smooth to prevent the net from snagging, as well as to protect the crew from getting plastic splinters. Then I cut 4 rubber squares from an old tire and attached them to the bottom of the tray with rubber cement to prevent it from slipping. Now I dump my net into the tray - which is much larger and easier to hit than a 5-gallon bucket - and dump the bait into the bait well.

—James Burch, Durham, North Carolina