Brake-Line Bait Rigger


I use a $3 piece of brake line to rig my fresh bait for the day or before I freeze them. I make a 45° cut at one end of a 16" piece of 1/4" diameter brake line, then I deburr the cut so it doesn't chafe the line later. Get rid of all the fittings, leaving a piece of brake line with a flare at one end and an angled cut at the other. Holding the flared end, push the cut end through the mouth of the fish and out the back behind the dorsal fin. Thread the leader into the brake line and push it through until it comes out the mouth. Pull the leader and brake line out of the bait and position the hook where you want it on the bait. Then tie the bait's mouth closed with dental floss.

—Henry Famularo, Great Neck, New York