World Cat 400CC-X

Traditional cornering, an air-cushioned hull and a spacious forward deck make this new cat a true fishing machine.
World Cat 400CC-X running
The 400CC-X is available with twin or quadruple outboards and boasts a max rating of 1,200 hp. Courtesy World Cat

The spate of new ­power catamarans has introduced a raft of benefits to boating anglers, including wave-slicing comfort, outstanding speeds, swim-­platform access between the motors, and excellent lateral stability. Yet one of the most dramatic advantages lies in the amount of deck space made possible by a cat hull’s inherently wide beam from stern to bow.

No greater example of this exists than in the World Cat 400CC-X. World Cat created a serious fishing machine with amazing deck space. But before we get to the interior, let’s talk about the hull design. The 400CC-X rides on World Cat’s VectorFlo hull, which combines air and water at the scoop-shaped bow and channels them into the tunnel between the hulls. A Vector Pod forward breaks up the water. As it passes through the narrowing tunnel, it increases in ­velocity while decreasing forward pressure, and it draws aerated water and spray aft through the tunnel to form a cushion that improves stability and ­enhances fuel efficiency. 

To use the title from a 1980s pop hit, the 400CC-X is a smooth operator. As we ­crested steep, wind-driven waves in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, I instinctively braced for hard landings, but they felt more akin to gentle touchdowns.

Cats can sometimes tend to corner flat or lean outward on turns. The 400CC-X behaved in a more familiar manner, heeling inward for a comfortable feeling of confidence. 

The 400CC-X is available with up to quad outboards, but my test took place with twin Yamaha XTO 450s. The 900 ponies propelled the cat to 30 mph in 7.5 seconds. Top speed was 47.6 mph at 6,000 rpm. Want more speed? With twin 600 hp V-12 Mercury outboards, the 400CC-X can reach 57.4 mph; quad Merc 300s can push it to 62 mph.

With twin XTO 450s, throttle back to 3,500 rpm and 27 mph while consuming 23.4 gph for 1.1 mpg. That equates to a cruising range of 598 miles based on 90 percent of the standard 604-gallon fuel capacity. You can optionally upgrade to a 712-gallon fuel capacity to increase your maximum range to 705 miles.

World Cat 400CC-X helm
The helm includes a center-mounted wheel and enough space on the dash for a pair of 22-inch or three 17-inch multifunction displays. Courtesy World Cat

My 400CC-X came with the Yamaha Helm Master EX control system, which features a joystick for easy docking in tight quarters.

Crews will love the 200-square-foot cockpit, with padded coamings that protect legs, an inward-opening side door in the port quarter, a transom door to access the center swim platform, and 30 inches of walk-around room on each side of the console. 

The 400CC-X prepares you for success with a pair of 80-gallon insulated fish boxes that can be optioned as livewells. Also optional is a 60-gallon aquarium-style livewell fed by a Hooker 2,500 gph variable-speed pump. There’s also an optional combination 30-gallon livewell and cooler with chiller plates fed by a Shurflo 1,100 gph pump. Another pair of 154-gallon fish boxes reside forward. The deck hatches have deep gutters, rubber seals and strong latches to keep water out and quickly drain spray or rain.

World Cat 400CC-X insulated cooler
Under the forward-console seat lies an insulated cooler with gas-assist shocks to keep the hatch from inadvertently slamming shut on your fingers. Courtesy World Cat

The expansive bow area plays host to the optional Cat Track sliding seats. Using sliding tracks on the deck, the system allows you to easily move the forward seats to suit your fancy. Separate them to form a U-shaped lounging area, or combine them into a centerline coffin box (with a sun pad on top) to preserve walk-around space. Under the seats lies plenty of dry stowage. In addition, you’ll find seating with fold-down armrests on the forward console. And back in the cockpit is aft-­facing seating for two abaft the helm seating module.

When you want to anchor up to fish a wreck, you’ll find an easy-to-access Lewmar anchor windlass and ample stowage for your rode under the forward casting platform. 

There’s abundant rod stowage throughout, including four vertical holders on each side of the console, three rod racks under each cockpit gunwale, six lockable racks forward, six additional locking racks under each gunwale, five behind the helm, six on the hardtop, and 11 others around the bow. 

The helm area boasts three high-back captain’s chairs with armrests. The helmsman gets the royal treatment with a middle seat that adjusts electrically to optimize the ergonomics and keep the brushed aluminum Edson wheel, throttles and other controls within easy reach. A fold-down deck platform at the helm adds stand-up height.

Twin 17-inch Garmin touchscreens adorned the helm of my 400CC-X, allowing for the monitoring and control of multiple onboard systems. To stash your phone and sunglasses, the 400CC-X gives you a glove box with a drain in the console. 

A three-sided tempered-­glass windshield protects the helm deck. It features an electric-­opening vent at the top of the forward panel to usher in fresh air on sultry days. The full-height windshield is integrated with the hardtop, which offers a built-in electronics box.

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World Cat 400CC-X head in the console
Accessed from the front side, the console interior features an electric-flushing toilet and a vanity with a freshwater sink and Corian countertop. Courtesy World Cat

The console interior is accessed via a hinged door on the front. Inside, I discovered 4 feet, 8 inches of headroom, an electric-flushing marine toilet, a vanity with a freshwater sink and Corian ­counter, and an opening portlight. 

 With all of the room aboard the World Cat 400CC-X, I like to think of it as more than just a big multihull offshore fishing boat. I like to call it a space machine. 


Fuel:604 gal. (standard); up to 712 gal. (optional)
Weight:14,500 lb.
Max HP:1,200
Price:Upon request

World Cat – Tarboro, North Carolina;