Invincible 46 Pilothouse

The enclosed center pilothouse brings additional comfort to this fishing powerhouse.
Invincible 46 Pilothouse offshore
Quad Mercury Racing 450Rs give the Morrelli & Melvin-designed multihull exciting performance and smooth handling that is impressively comfortable, even in turns, while trolling and at rest. Courtesy Invincible Boats

Invincible Boats has finally released its long-awaited model, expanding the boundaries of a big catamaran ­fishing boat with a pilothouse layout. In the 46 Pilothouse, the feel of a Morrelli & Melvin hybrid semi-asymmetrical catamaran design brings forward the best attributes a multihull running surface can offer. This includes a steady, smooth ride in rough seas, comfortable and confident maneuvering in turns, fuel efficiency and stability. We experienced all this during our recent test. 

The double hulls are double-­stepped and laid up using a sophisticated vacuum-­infusion technique that ensures even impregnation of resin in fiberglass and brings consistent structural integrity and weight from boat to boat. 

We enjoyed skippering from the Release Marine bucket seat within the protection of the roomy central pilothouse. This helm chair is fully adjustable and set at a comfortable height for controlling the beastly quad Mercury Racing 450R outboards. The ­electronic throttle and shift, digital steering and joystick were all easy and comfortable to reach. Adjust the seat aft for stand-up driving. This is a 27,000-pound boat, but with digital controls, it handles like a big sports car.

Invincible 46 Pilothouse helm
The Release Marine captain’s chair has fold-down armrests and a flip-up bolster. It also slides back for more room when standing at the wheel. Courtesy Invincible Boats

The 46 carries 1,000 gallons of fuel in dual tanks. Unfortunately, on our test day, most of our 600-gallon test-fuel load was inadvertently pumped into the starboard tank, requiring heavy trimming to level the load and diminishing our maximum range, which Invincible estimates to be 700 miles. With that kind of range, anglers can overnight in the Gulf, travel to the canyons, or fish the other side of the Stream and return with six fish boxes of iced tuna. 

Dual 60-gallon livewells, one in-floor livewell at 70 gallons, and a sea chest with six pumps keep ample bait alive. Our tester deleted the optional tuna tubes that flank the livewells in exchange for dual jump seats on the transom. A rigging station folds out of the mezzanine seatback so cleverly that we might have missed it in our initial inspection if it hadn’t been pointed out. Drawers and tackle-box slots keep gear, tools and leader spools organized. 

Rod holders around the gunwales are well-placed. Six shotgun rod holders on the transom will prove ideal for storage and rigging. There’s lockable rod storage under the gunwales too. The ­transom ­arrangement eschews a transom door, but Invincible has an inward-opening portside door for hauling fish to the deck.  

Invincible 46 Pilothouse forward lounge
The posh lounge area atop the forward cabin of the 46 Pilothouse invites crewmembers to kick back and soak up the sun in between bites. Courtesy Invincible Boats

Our favorite thing about this boat is how Invincible kept the fishing hardcore and made the recreation qualities so fun and comfortable. 

For instance, after a long day or overnight on the water, anglers can dock in fresh clothes after a hot shower in the roomy head compartment within the pilothouse. With sleeping for four in one double berth and a convertible salon lounge, the crew can remain rested and ready to fight, no matter the distance. An ­abbreviated galley is equipped with a standard microwave. Options for an ice maker and refrigerator are available. The cooler beneath the mezzanine seat is fitted with a chill plate that froze our water bottles in short order. 

The pilothouse brings a ton of features inside. In addition to the helm seating and the aft U-shaped lounge, there is an aft row of captain’s chairs. However, you can delete the second-row seating and extend the lounge for a roomier feel. We ran the air conditioning on our tester, but the pilothouse opens up nicely with port and starboard sliding doors, helm and passenger sliding windows, and a power-sliding window on the aft bulkhead that opens the cockpit to the cabin. 

A pilothouse naturally encroaches a bit on cockpit fighting space, but we didn’t mind that with the aft cabin window open, allowing anglers to be seated, engaged with the cockpit through the large open window, and ready to do battle after waiting out the bite in comfort. A few short steps from either the port or starboard sliding cabin doors get you there.

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Invincible 46 Pilothouse seating
Two rows of captain’s chairs and a U-shaped lounge in the aft area mean the pilothouse easily accommodates six crewmembers in comfort. Courtesy Invincible Boats

The forward berth compartment has an array of windows spanning its width, which are hidden beneath the sun-lounge extension topside. Once raised, the sun lounge is longer than 6 feet, and the windows beneath can be opened for a breeze. The topside bow area is ideal for lounging, or bottomfishing easily with the Skyhook feature of the Mercury engines engaged.

Standard equipment includes, surprisingly, a genset and air conditioning.

We loved the Merc 450Rs, but subsequent to our test, Mercury introduced new V-10 outboards, and we can hardly wait to get our hands on this rig equipped with four of them. Yamaha’s 425 XTO V-8s with electronic steering and joystick controls can also be fitted, which let the skipper set a drift while maintaining directional orientation, hold steady over a hole with a particular heading, or let the boat find a natural heading while holding stationary. 

For many boat owners, bigger is better. But with Invincible, big isn’t good enough. It insists the boat fishes competitively, comfortably and decisively. And the new 46 Pilothouse does just that. 


Weight:27,000 lb.
Fuel:1,000 gal.
Max HP:1,800
Price:Upon request