Yellowfin Yachts 21 Hybrid

A boat review of the Yellowfin Yachts 21 Hybrid


All boat enthusiasts have their own preferences when it comes to what they want from a vessel. Some desire a craft that’s meant for a specific type of fishing, and others would rather have a boat that allows them to efficiently fish several different situations. There are some who want a boat that will get them to the fishing grounds in a hurry, and then there are others who just don’t feel the need for speed at all. If you are an angler who prefers a fast boat that doesn’t limit you to one type of fishing, you are going to want to take a hard look at the 21 Hybrid built by Yellowfin Yachts.

**Running and Fishing
**I had the pleasure of tarpon fishing aboard the 21 Hybrid in Islamorada, Florida, a few months back. Aesthetically, the boat is beautiful, but what’s more important is how functional it is for fly-anglers. Once you step aboard, the first thing you will notice is how big the fore and aft decks are. They are both easily large enough for two fly-anglers to fish simultaneously without getting in each other’s way. In addition, the deck features a molded toe rail that serves two purposes. First, it helps keep fly lines at bay in windy conditions, and second, it gives anglers a way to feel where the edge of the boat is when they need to focus on fighting a fish. The gunwales are extra wide and make it easy and safe for anglers to play fish around the entire boat.

During the three days we spent fishing on the 21 Hybrid, the Power-Pole anchoring system (which comes stand-ard) was very handy, and we used it extensively to stake up on the edge of various flats to wait for tarpon. While moving from spot to spot, we pinned the throttle a few times to get a good taste of what the boat was actually made of. I must say, it was up and on plane before I knew what happened, and it moved across the water fast enough to make my eyes water. What I found interesting (as well as comforting) was that even though we were traveling at around 70 mph, the boat didn’t bounce or skip at all. Even though there was a slight chop on the water, it managed to move along the surface as if it were glued to it.


**Design and Construction
**While the 21 Hybrid is not a boat that you would ever classify as a poling skiff, its freeboard isn’t as high as a traditional bay boat’s, which is why it has been dubbed a hybrid. The forward console seat serves another function, as it doubles as a molded, insulated drink box. Both sides of the casting deck have built-in lockable hatches, there is ample storage space for gear and safety equipment below deck, and an in-deck anchor locker lies all the way forward.

With the Yellowfin 21 Hybrid, you are getting the best of both worlds. This boat can comfortably and quickly take you to a spot such as the Marquesas off of Key West and, once you are there, allow you to effectively fish for skinny-water species such as bonefish and permit.



WEIGHT……2,525 lbs. (loaded)
FUEL……55 gals.
MAX HP……350 (Verado only)
MSRP……$58,000 (w/ Yamaha 250 SHO)

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