Hell’s Bay Marquesa Skiff

The demands of shallow-water anglers are on a never-ending incline. The Marquesa set out to meet those demands.
hells bay marquesa

hells bay marquesa

One might wonder why Hell’s Bay would go back to the drawing board on the Marquesa, the company’s most popular and best-selling skiff. According to Hell’s Bay, the reason is simple: “We listened to our current Marquesa owners and improved the performance of the boat even more,” says marketing director Todd Fuller. The demands of shallow-water anglers are on a never-ending incline, and to meet them boats have to be able to handle rough water and maintain stealth on the flats. The new and improved Marquesa set out to meet these needs and more.

Design and Construction

As is every Hell’s Bay skiff, the 2013 Marquesa is made from the finest material available in the boatbuilding industry. Armed with alcohol type concentrate (ATC) Corecell foam, Kevlar, carbon fiber and 100 percent vinylester resin, Hell’s Bay’s skilled craftsmen hand-lay each skiff and finish it to the customer’s specific requirements. The design of the Marquesa provides a smooth, dry ride for up to four passengers and also permits quiet, effortless poling on the shallows. The success of the Marquesa’s design stems from creating the perfect deadrise and combining it with an optimized surface area that comes in contact with the water. The end result is a boat that can handle bigger water but still floats in only seven inches of water. Another design tweak with the latest model is in the stern. It now has a distinct running pad, which has increased the hull speed and improved tracking and spinning the skiff while poling. The Marquesa has been known to have ample deck space, but Hell’s Bay sought even more, so it increased the deck by 3 inches in order to provide more forward casting space, which also enhances spray control while running. The rear-hatch design on the Marquesa has also been improved to allow for easy access both on the water and on the trailer. Finally, because of the growing popularity of catch-and-release practices, the Marquesa’s design now includes a larger live/release well.


Hells Bay Marquesa Skiff

Running and Fishability

Whether you are fly-fishing for big tarpon along the beach or chasing tailing redfish in skinny water, this skiff ­provides a stable and quiet platform for fly-anglers. The front casting decks are free of unnecessary line snags and have plenty of room for a casting platform and a stripping bucket, if you so choose. The biggest advantage for anglers is the silent signature the Marquesa hull design exhibits while poling. This really gives anglers the upper hand when it comes to closing the gap to make that perfect presentation.

With the Marquesa’s 28-gallon fuel capacity and today’s efficient outboards, this skiff has plenty of range to get you away from the crowds. The Marquesa’s new hull design has an improved top speed, greater fuel efficiency and a smoother ride than ever before. At the end of a great day on the water, the Marquesa will quickly deliver you back to the dock in style and comfort.



LOA: 18′ 1″

BEAM: 6′ 7″



FUEL: 28 gallons

MAX HP: 130


WEIGHT: 695 lbs.

TOP SPEED (with 115 hp): 50 mph

PRICE: $48,800

Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Titusville, Florida