Hitting Up the Marketplace

Sunny skies and good vibes greeted us at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and I quickly got lost, well, entrenched in the vast winding maze of the marketplace and tackle section. After continually getting sidetracked by the Bud Light girls, I found some new products that caught my eye.

The Ballyhood Banshee Cowbell trolling lures, meant to target wahoo, were a hot new product. These things can be pulled at 25 knots and still stay rooted, meaning you can troll them on the run to the canyons, maximizing fishing time. www.ballyhood.com

Another noteworthy product was Red Eye lures Tuna Slayer - a daisy chain consisting of four machined stainless steel cedar plugs that come in 3 and 4-inch models in just about every imaginable color. www.redeyetrollinglures.com.

The local boys at Captain Harry’s Fishing Supply were moving a lot of product every time I walked past, with tons of foot traffic and it looks like people are back in the buying mood. Stay tuned for some bright new gear reviews from the show in upcoming issues. Now I gotta go find the Bud Light girls again...