BakUSA Seal 8 tablet

The new underwater tablet offers an array of neat features.

Designed specifically for use on a boat, the Seal 8 tablet from BakUSA is submersible to 1 meter and features a rubberized case and a built-in GPS that works in the absence of cell service or Wi-Fi.

BakUSA Seal 8 tablet
BakUSA Seal 8 tabletCourtesy BakUSA

The 1.6-pound Android-based tablet floats with a single buoyant wrist strap, has an 8-inch LED touchscreen and is engineered to use Windows 8.1 and 10 with an Intel Quadcore processor and speed up to 1.33 GHz. It has front and back camera lenses; a fingerprint reader; 2.0, micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports; headphones; and a 10-pin interface for docking.

Price: $499 (add $100 for LTE 4G) BakUSA