Bait Hotline

This is for the intracoastal and jetty fisherman.Have you ever found yourself running short on bait, only to haveto decide between two bait shops an equal distance from your location?Which one do you pick up and run to, and how do you know the oneyou have chosen has the bait you desire?

My solution is to get out a phone book and makea list of the telephone numbers of all the bait stores in thearea. Either create the list on your computer, or take it to aplace that will make a copy small enough to carry in your wallet,then buy some clear laminated sheets from any office supply store.Once you have laminated the list, keep it with your fishing license.

If you are running out of bait, you can look upthe number, call around on the cell phone and locate the closestbait shop that has what you need.

- Andy R. Taylor, Jr., Brevard County, Florida