Emerald Isle-Swansboro NC


It's super chilly here along the Crystal Coast, but the fishing is on fire and hot. This time of year is ideal for cruising the surf zone for big schooling REDS. We have three inlets that hold good pods of bait all year long, which means the REDS like to hang around the shoals and feast. It is not uncommon to see schools of 500 fish laying on the shoals. It is some kind of fun to ease in and cast your favorite bait, but you have to be super careful because a swell can sneak up on you and ruin your day. A few of us here specialize in fishing along the surf and make is a safe as possible. When targeting the REDS in the shoals, I like a Gamakatsu jig with a Big Bite Bait shrimp on the end and watch out, because it will be on!
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Captain Jamey Copeland