The fish are still there after a cold winter and ready to bite.


As promised, although a little late cause when I got home last night I laid down on the couch, that was a mistake on my part!!!

Here’s most of what happened over the weekend. We had the pleasure to fish with a group of fun guys from New York City for two days in a row.


They were Gregg Jackson, Ron Humber, Montgomery,SR., Montgomery,Jr., John High, and Preston, all from NYC.

We were on a bottom fish mission both days and and we maxed out our limits on Black Bass both days along with a huge Lemon Shark, several limits of Grey Snappers, Silver Snappers, several Vermillion Snappers, and even big Grouper that had to be released due to season closure.

The Grouper season is supposed to reopen May 1st. The action was nearly non stop both days. If all the fish that were caught would have been legal to keep and were kept, I doubt a pickup truck would have held them all.


There are a few King Mackeral starting to show up. Capt Wally on the Fish Whistle found some this weekend. I don’t know where they were, and from “professional Courtesy” I didn’t ask.

I heard on the radio that there was some Wahoo caught around the 100/400 area and I do know there was some Black Fin Tuna caught ’cause when we got to the Marina the guys were cleaning them.

Reports were all the Bonito (False Albacore) you ever wanted are out near the Tower and pretty much everywhere else.


There’s a lot of fish on top all over in the Tower area. I don’t know what they are, I expect they are Bonito, but everyone I hooked up broke off. I was casting a spoon to them on lite tackle. If I went to heavier tackle that would probably hold them, They wouldn’t bite, that’s fishin’!!!

Here’s a bit of information that might help you. Capt Greg was diving this weekend and told me that the surface water temp went only 11 feet deep. After that it dropped, and on the bottom it was 53 degrees. It is warming slower that usual this year, but the fish still have to eat!!!!

It was as pretty this weekend as you could ever expect it to be. The fish were hungry, and we will have proof of that coming soon.


While we were fishing we shot a video for the “Fishing For Reel” TV show, I will be getting a CD of that show, and plan to play it at the Saltwater Shows next year!!

So, come on down and go fishin’. If you are too busy to go fishin’ then you are just too busy!!! Life is short, and time waits on no one.

Believe me, I know, I just about waited till it was too late to persue what I wanted to do in life and if you wait too long it gets tougher with age!!!!

Hope you guys made it back to NYC safe and I can’t wait till we do this again, I know I had a blast!!!!

If I forgot something, hopefully Capt Chris will edit this for me!!

Till next time, God Bless All!!!!!!

Fish On!!!
Capt’s Butch & Chris Foster