Stripers have the feedbag on!!!

Some big bass coming over the rail!!!

Well the run is getting into full swing with some big bass coming over the rail, we were fortunate to get out a couple of days last week between all this crappy wind and rain and had some great success. One day we managed to hook up and land 8 Striped Bass between 18 lb and 32 lbs.

The second day we had my Niece here from PA and her husband and little boy, she had never saltwater fished before. With the iffy forecast, we waited until late morning to go out as the winds in the morning were howling and we only had that day to try and get them out on the water.

So after we got the bait, we headed to a spot we had been taking some nice bass a few days before. We put lines in and explained to them what to do when a bass takes the bait, Alison says, “oh I just want to watch” . NOT, before she could even think about what to do a big bass came up and hammered the pogie, we told her to set the hook and the fight was on, the fish was screaming line and she was trying to hold on to the rod. Her eyes were as wide as anything, after all, she has not fished since she was little and the biggest fish she ever caught was a bluegill, LOL.


After fighting the fish for about 10 min, Bill scooped the fish in the net and lifted her on the deck, it was a nice fat 25 lb Striper. Alison could not believe how big that Striper was. We also got her husband hooked up to a nice fat 24 lber as well and then the bite turned off. I have posted the latest pictures on our photo section.

The fish are still here in good numbers despite this 4 day blow again. We are going to be out on the water as soon as things calm down as there are some big Striped Bass being caught in different area’s. The run is on and now is the time to get out and rip some lips. This past week we have heard about a number of 30lb – 40lb, a 50lb and even a 63 1/2 lb bass that was caught.

If you are interested in getting out, give us a call as the bite will be on for the next several weeks.


We still have some great dates for Private or Shared trips,
Saturday Oct 9th- open
Sunday Oct 10th – open
Monday Oct 11th – open
Thursday Oct 14th – open
Saturday Oct 16th – open
Sunday Oct 17th – open
Tuesday Oct 19th- open

If any of these dates work for you let us know and we will get you scheduled.