The Fishing inshore for Striped Bass & Bluefish, Offshore for Blue Fin Tuna is RED HOT!!!

Good bite happening!!


Well the fishing is getting alot better and so are the size of the fish.

Went out last Sunday on Boston Harbor and had a pretty good day with a few nice keeper Striped Bass caught on live Pogies, Bill caught a nice bass in the 35 inch range and I also caught one that was 31 lbs, and we lost another good fish around 30 lbs.

Tuesday we had a donated trip we did with some Veterans back from the Iraq war and they were such great guys to have on board, it was the least we could do was to donate the trip and get these guys out on the water for some nice fresh air. It was an honor to have them aboard. We had a few bass come up and harras the bait but the fish were were playing hard to get so we did not hook up on any bass but it was a fun day for everybody.


Wed we went out to get some bait and only fished for a short time as we wanted to load up on fresh Pogies to take out to Stellwagon Bank for some BLUEFIN TUNA TIME!!!!!!!! We again found the bass playing hard to get and did not hook up but had alot of chases on the baits.

Thursday we hit Stellwagon Bank at Sunrise, it was alive with alot of whales, bait and birds everywhere. We marked a few Bluefin and had a few hits but no hookups, we did not see any on the surface, after about 3 hours we moved south on the bank for a about 12 Miles and all hell broke loose. We were marking a ton of tuna and big ones at that. We put lines in and within about 2 minutes we were hooked up on a 50 class standup rod & Reel, to a big one. BIll took the rod and we were off to the races with a bluefin tuna, it was a big Tuna. Had to do alot of quick manuvering with the boat to keep from loosing this fish as it peeled line over 5 times and got her close a couple of times. Bill fought the fish for about 35 min and we could see the fish about ten feet away from the boat. She was getting tired but not done yet. She shook her head to get ready for another run and the hook popped out. AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! She was gone just like that, the fish was around 275-300 lbs. Biggest Tuna we have hooded up to on our boat to date. We got a few pictures of Bill hooked up and a little video as well but just as we were getting the harpoon ready to stick her when she got close enough, pop and she was gone!!! We had a couple more hits after that but no hookups and we had to get back to Boston Harbor as we had a charter the next day. Thats Tuna Fishing!!!

Friday we had a great day, we had Mark on board a new client, and a really nice guy. This was a teaching trip so the catching part was not as much the issue for this trip as Mark has his own boat and he just really wanted to learn as many new techniques as we could teach him so he can go out and try it on his own boat. We headed out at 5:30 to get some bait and then headed out to fish for a bit. We made several passes in the outer harbor to see if we could find some fish big enough to eat the massive Pogies we have been getting. We had quite a few chases and Mark finally hooked up to a nice 33 inch Striper. A few passes later and we started getting a few big explosions on the bait. The reel starts screeming drag and Mark is tight to the biggest fish he has ever caught. As he was fighting that fish the other rod goes off so Bill had to set the hook as Mark was still fighting the other fish. The line is screeming of the rod. SO now they are both hooked up. Bills fish comes in 1st and she is barely hooked. Netted that fish and put it on the deck, Big bass, 33 lbs, Marks fish in the net, another big bass 28 lbs. Sweet double header. Next pass we get more big explosions on the bait. Boom, big hit and the fish is off to the races. Mark hooks up and fights that fish to the boat, another bass around 29 lbs, after a quick picture we released that fish to fight another day. What a great day for a newbie to the Striper Fishing addiction we all love so much.


Was a really good week and with fall aproaching it is only going to get better. If you are interested in any charters for Striped Bass/Bluefish or Bluefin Tuna we have openings for both Shared Trips and Private trips for both. Just give us a call and we will get you out there. We are coming into the best part of the season over the next 3 months.

You can check out the pictures in the photo section on our site. I was having trouble with it for a few days so hopefully now it is up and running and I can get our clients pictures up there for all to enjoy.

Tight Lines!!


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