Boston Harbor Saltwater fishing is on fire!!!

Unbelievable Topwater action!!!

June 19, 2010

Hello All,
Well the fishing this week is on big time. Last week we had a few slower days due to foggie conditions and bad weather. This weekend it is absolutely beautiful and the fishing is unbeleivable.

With all the bait around we new things were going to get crazy but we did not realize how crazy. I took Adam out fishing with me yesterday and we had a blast. I have not seen top water action like this in Boston Harbor in many years.

We caught well over 50 fish yesterday between the 2 of us. Mostly all of the fish were between 24 inches and 32 inches. All great solid healthy Stripers.
They have been gorging on tinker mackerel, meduim mackerel, Herring in several sizes, sand eels and alot of small rain bait. It is just great to see.


We headed out early to get some live bait and filled the live well in about 20 minutes. We worked an area we had been taking fish last week but it was pretty quiet so we headed to the other side of the harbor and all hell was breaking loose. There were birds working everywhere. Only about 3 boats were working the fish when we showed up, but that was about to change as you can only hide so long, LOL.

The word was out on the radio and here come the troops. But the good thing was that this school of fish was so big, we are talking probably a half mile long and a half mile wide, that guys were not fishing right on top of each other and people were pretty much behaving and not running down on the fish with there boats.

We caught fish on deep divers, Live mackerel, large sluggos, medium shads. Saltybugger topwater poppers and Bill & Jules teasers rigs where the hot ticket and Adam even managed to catch 2 fish on one Salty popper!!! It did not matter what you thru these fish had the feedbag on and this blitz lasted thru slack tide into the other tide and was on for a full 7 hours!!! Just unbeleivable.


If you want to get out and have some fun give us a call as we still have some great dates available and the season is just going to get better from here.

The post below also has some shared dates available. Or if you are looking for a specific date just give us a call and we will get you out there.

You can check the photos out in the photo section from the past couple of days.


Tight lines,


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