Big Cow Stripers in Boston Harbor!!!

Fishing is incredible

Well the fishing this past weekend has been nothing but awesome.

We did a trip on Tuesday for the Fishing Academy, the Kids Summer Kickoff charter, which several charter boats donate their boats and time to do every year for inner city kids who do not get alot of chances for outdoor activities. We had a great group of kids this year and we decided to take them flounder fishing, as that way we could let them all fish a rod at one time. These kids kicked butt and were awesome to have aboard. We caught well over 25 flounder and ended up with around 10 or 11 big keepers that the kids got to take home for dinner.

Saturday we started the day getting some mackerel for our charter but the game plan was to do a light tackle casting trip, for a guy and his son as well as his god son. We got bait fairly quickly and headed off looking for some top water action. We found a few bustin fish and let them all start casting around. The fish were really spread out, and had alot of boats runnin and gunnin on top of them. So it was hard to get a good shot at the fish with artificials. I decided to drop a bait off the back of the boat and within seconds had a fish on. We let little 7 year old Jason real it in, he got a nice 32 inch striper. The top water bite disappeard so we decided to go look for some more action but it never produced so we decided to go out and use the bait. It was the best move of the day as we managed to land about 6 bass all in the 28-32 inch range and a few blues in the 5-10 lb range.


Going backwards to Friday, we had a family come in town from CT on Friday for the holiday weekend and they were going to fish 3 days with us. Well lets just say the bass fishing was nothing short of incredible. Friday we manged several decent bass from 36 inches to 28 lbs, which Tim “the dad” caught the bigges fish of the day. Then a big school of fish surfaced and the feedbag was on. We were the only boat around at 1st so we had them all to ourselves. We threw lures for a few hours and also worked with the bait and maned to pick up a few more slobs as well as fish in that 28 inch to 32 inch keeper size which we threw back.

Sunday was their next trip and it just does not get any better than what they got to experience that day. We caught a bunch of mackerel in the early AM and it was a beautiful day. We caught several bass in the morning, the 1st bass to the boat was a 32 lber caugth by 12 year old Rebecca, let me tell ya this little girl is quite the fisherwoman. Next up was her mom Mary Beth and she also landed a nice fat 28lber. We managed several more decent bass in the morning and released alot of bass and bluefish and we also caught alot of dam dogfish, which are a pain right now as they will make you go thru alot of rigs and bait in a hurry. We were starting to make a move to go in a make a few passes at another spot when I looked out and saw a ton of birds starting to work.

We moved over to were the birds were and we were marking alot of big bait as well as bass. We only had a few mackerel left in the tank so we started jiggin up more bait while we had 2 baits fishing of the back of the boat. All of a sudden the rods screamed off and Young Timmy was hooked up to a good bass. Got it to the boat and it was a nice fat 24 lb beautiful Striped bass. Next rod goes off and Mary Beth is hooked up to a big fish. She fought it to the boat and we scoop it in the net and the fish almost did not fit. LOL Well Oh Boy it was a slob, put her on the deck and got out the scale she was 40 LBs right on the nose. These are fish of a life time as many people fish for years and never get bass this big.


Next up was Rebecca and her dad Tim. We end up with a nice double header of 2 more big bass, both in the 38 and 36 lb range. This went on for the next hour and they even let the captain take a turn and I also got a nice bass around 33lbs. It was the best day we have had so far this season as far as size for bass. The bite was still going on well after we headed back to the dock for the day.

Monday we headed out a little later in the morning. Some body over slept and did not set the alarm as everbody was beat up from the long day before.
So it took us a little while to get bait and we ended up starting to fish around 8 am. Put the baits out and with in minutes the rod goes off, set the hooks on the fish and zip it was gone, pulled the hooks. Put out the baits again and Mary Beth and Rebecca are up, Rebecca’s rod goes off and she is hooked up, fights the fish to the boat and has a big 12 lb blue on the deck. Mary Beth is realing in her bait so the dogfish don’t get it and wham her rod screams and she is hooked up to a good fish. Get the fish to the boat and it is another big Bass, which scaled 31 lbs. We also got a few more big Bluefish in the 10-12 lb range and one smaller bass, but we had to get them back to the dock as they were heading home in a few hours.

All I can say is it has been awesome fishing with alot of big bass and blues moving into Boston Harbor, this is some of the best saltwater fishing we have seen here in many years. Yesterday there was so much bait out there you could have walked across it. Mackerel, herring, and even some huge pods of short beek ballyhoo, which usually you only see out on stellwagon back, which means we just might see some Bluefin Tuna show up right outside the harbor as they love ballyhoo.


You can check the photos of these nice big bass in our photo section of our website at

We have some great dates available for trips so if your are interested give us a call as the cows have moved in and it is just going to get better from here on out.

I also have some Shared Trip openings coming up.
Thursday July 8th – 2 spots bass trip 5 am.


Saturday July 10th – 2 spots open full day flounder, cost is $125 per person plus tip if interested.

Thursday July 15th – open for shared or private trip for Striped Bass and bluefish.

Saturday July 17th – open for shared or private trip for Striped bass and Bluefish

Sunday July 18th -3 spots available for shared trip for Striped Bass and bluefish.

We also have some great weekdays and weekends available for trips, so call if you might be interested in a trip for Striped bass & bluefish or Bluefin Tuna and we will get you out there.

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