AIRMAR Technology: In Hull CHIRP-ready Transducers

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In Hull CHIRP-ready Transducers from AIRMAR TechnologyAIRMAR Technology

In-hull CHIRP-ready transducers for boats 20 to 36 feet with fiberglass hulls. AIRMAR continues to redefine recreational fishing with economical and easy-to-install single band Chirp-ready transducers. In hull installation means no protruding features on the exterior of the hull making them the perfect choice for trailered or lifted boats.

Mix & Match cables allow transducers to plug and play with any manufacturer’s sounder. A perfect upgrade to your current sounder and the best choice for your new boat, make sure you ask for AIRMAR–the brand that achieves sonar superiority.



  • Medium frequency (80-130kHz)
  • 24 to 16 degree beamwidth
  • 600W output
  • Depth range: to 700'


  • Medium frequency (95-155kHz)
  • 26-17 degree beamwidth
  • 300W output
  • Depth range: to 500'


  • Medium frequency (85-135kHz)
  • 24 to 16 degree beamwidth
  • 1 kW output
  • Depth range: to 1200'



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