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Old-Time Florida Fishing Pics

Conservation practices have changed drastically over the years, but it's always interesting to take a step back and rummage through fish photos from the past.

Historic Daytona Beach Reds

Historic Daytona Beach Reds

A day's catch from surf casting at Daytona Beach back in the day.

Hooked: Florida’s Big Fish is a collection of old-time images that documents Florida’s long history of fishing.

_The images come from the State Archives of Florida, part of the Florida State Government. _

Boasting the longest coastline in the lower 48 states, Florida has long provided a wealth of fishing opportunities.

With recreational fishing surpassing commercial fishing economically, catch and release fishing is more popular than the "days-of-old" mentality of filling the cooler.

But these photos are from the bygone days, so it's fun to see how fishing practices have changed. Many of the photos below show fish-handling and fish- harvest practices that today are frowned upon or even illegal.

_From tarpon and sailfish, to bizarre manta rays and sawfish, Florida has attracted the curious and ambitious to test its waters for centuries. _

The images in the set illustrate some of the most-fantastic fish specimens that were caught in Florida’s waters and still are.

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