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Posted on Dec 22, 2011 in Get Reel
Holiday Shopping
by John Brownlee

Christmas is now three days away, and like many men, I’m just now beginning to think about Christmas shopping. No need to rush into things, I always say. Plenty of time left.

My wife always gets great gifts from me at Christmastime, things like rods, reels, cast nets and all sorts of useful items. She’s actually very good natured about my shopping habits, although she has been bringing up that trip to Paris thing again lately.

I have a list, sort of, and I will do all of my shopping in about three hours on Saturday, Christmas Eve. Women like to spend time in stores, looking at lots of different things, but I’m more like a sniper: Get in, acquire the target, get out fast.

Of course, the Internet has changed shopping forever, and that’s where I now do most of my gift buying. It’s the perfect way for lazy shoppers like me to get things done. Click, click and it shows up on your door, the next day if you’re willing to pay. Amazing.

I really do like giving Christmas presents, I just hate malls, so I find myself gravitating to the Net more and more. But there’s no substitute for being able to pick something up and hold it before buying it. Certain things cannot be purchased online, and the next time my wife needs a new cast net, you can rest assured that I will have exerted the effort necessary to actually go to a tackle store and inspect their selection of nets so she gets just the right one.

That’s just the kind of guy I am. And I’ll keep working on the Paris thing, but you can buy an awful lot of cast nets for what one trip to Paris costs.