Vertical Grab Handle for a Low Console


I added two handy vertical handholds on the low center console of my flats skiff for safety and balance. I used two short lengths of one-inch-diameter, stainless-steel tubing with a .065" wall thickness. I mounted one handle to each side with two 1/4", stainless-steel bolts, with a locknut and a pair of large, stainless-steel fender washers per bolt. To install them, I first determined how tall I wanted them above the top of the console, so that I could use them comfortably while standing. My handholds stand 9" over the console, so I cut my tubing to 18" long, at a 45 ¿ angle so I could mount it with the tapered end at the bottom. I drilled two holes straight through the tubing with one about 2" from the tapered end and one about 5" up from that. Then I drilled holes in the console to line up with the holes on the tube, measuring carefully before drilling. I mounted them with the locknut and two fender washers inside the console. I glued a rubber crutch tip to the top of each tube for safety and to improve the grip. The stainless-steel tubing costs about $5 per foot and can be found at most metal-supply houses, or you can order it precut and drilled from Max Coombs, Boynton Beach, FL; (561) 736-8018p;

— Bob Stearns, Miami, Florida