Types of Fly Reels


| |Combination|

| |* * *| |Direct-Drive|When the line goes out, the spool and the crank handle the rotate backward together. If the crank handle is engaged, the attached spool will retrieve line. | |Antireverse|The crank handle and the spool are not directly connected. As line pays out, the spool rotates but the crank handle does not. If the handle is engaged, the spool becomes engaged as well and line can be retrieved, provided the drag pressure has not been exceeded. If this occurs, the spool will slip and line will pay out. The handle does not move.| |Combination|A combination of antireverse and direct-drive. The spool and handle are not directly connected, so as line pays out, only the spool rotates. Unlike an antireverse reel, however, if the handle is engaged so is the spool, and the line can be retrieved as with a direct-drive reel. |