Tying Batifish Imitation Books

A selection of recommended books on tying imitations.

February 25, 2005

Many books on tying baitfish imitations are available, and there are even a number of books that discuss various aspects of the bait from a fly tyer’s and a fly-fisherman’s perspective. This partial listing is an excellent place to begin:

Fisherman’s Coast: An Angler’s Guide to Marine Warm-Water
Gamefish and Their Habitats
, Aaron Adams (Stackpole Books, 2004)

A Fly-Fisher’s Guide to Saltwater Naturals and Their Imitations,
by George V. Roberts Jr. (Ragged Mountain Press, 1994)


Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Atlantic Baitfish & Other Food Sources,
Alan Caolo (Frank Amato Publications, 1995)

The Orvis Pocket Guide to Saltwater Baits and Their Imitations,
Lou Tabory (Lyons Press, 2001)

Pop Fleyes: Bob Popovics’ Approach to Saltwater Fly Design,
Ed Jaworowski and Bob Popovics (Stackpole Books, 2001)


Prey: Designing and Tying New Imitations of Fresh and Saltwater
Forage Foods
, Carl Richards (Lyons Press, 1995)

Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, David Klausmeyer
(The Countryman Press, 2002)


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