Belize Basics

Getting to Belize is easier than you might imagine.

October 3, 2001

Getting to Belize is easier than you might imagine. American Airlines, Continental and Taca fly directly to Belize City from Miami, Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles. In Belize City you’ll find plenty of rental cars and connecting flights to every fishery within the nation’s coastline. Many lodges and mothership operators will have representatives meet you at the airport to assist in your transfers.

Belize River Lodge
For more information on fishing the flats or jungle rivers outside of Belize City, call Belize River Lodge at 888-275-4843;

Ambergris Caye
From Belize City you will take one of two local airlines, Tropica or Maya Air. These intracountry flights might prove to be a highlight of your travels; they are often small 6- to 8-seat planes that act as the milk run between cays and coastal towns. Unplanned stops are common, so relax and enjoy the incredible views afforded by flying at low altitudes. For more information on Ambergris lodges, contact Journey’s End Resort at 800-460-5665; . Or call El Pescador Lodge at 011-501-26-2398; . For general information on the area, log on to or .


While prices for mothership trips are subject to change, at press time seven nights and six days of fishing aboard the Meca carried a price tag of $5,200 for a party of two and $8,600 for a party of four. Prices are all-inclusive (outside of tips) from Belize City, and given the number of hours fished per week, provide a good value when compared with traditional guide fees. For more information, contact Belize Fishing Adventures at 888-347-4896; Belize’s largest and most luxurious mothership, the 58-foot Hatteras Christina, operates out of Belize River Lodge. Contact them at 888-275-4843; . Other mothership options are available at Belize Outdoor Expeditions, 800-819-9088; .

**Turneffe Island Resort*
Turneffe Island Resort offers excellent accommodations, professional guides, quality equipment and a full dive program for family members seeking alternative sport. Filled with avid conservationists and extremely careful not to overfish the area or intrude on the other lodge’s guests. Longtime devotees say that the fishing is better than ever. Contact Turneffe Island Resort at 800-815-1304 or go to their website:

Permit Country
Blue Horizon Lodge can be booked through the Fly Shop in Redding, California, or through Will Bauer (530-365-6602;[email protected] ). Margie’s Travel Service, in Belize City, can arrange any side trips. Call 011-501-2-52016.


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