Transient Slip Tie-Up


When traveling in my boat from one area to another, I sometimes have to stay in transient slips at marinas along the way, and I sometimes stay and fish for a couple of days. Setting the lines for my boat is very easy and less time-consuming when I use this trick: I simply attach the lines from my boat to the dock using the loop in the end of the line. I also slip the loop through the slider rings on the pilings. Then, I use the standing end of the line to set my lines in the slip. After I am sure that they are adjusted correctly, I loop nylon wire-ties around the line where it passes through the chock or hawse hole on each line. I use green for the starboard side and red for the port, as well as another color for the spring lines. When I back in, all I need to do is grab the appropriate line and attach it to the cleat at the right distance so that the tie is at the chock. When I get to another dock, I simply cut the ties and set the lines again.

- Capt. Stephan Bent, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey