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September 21, 2007

Billfish Bite Goes Loco
Anglers release more than 2,000 sails and marlin in costa rica.

WALK THE SAIL: Anglers shattered release records in the 2006 Los Sueños series.
Photo: Rick Gaffney

The first billfish release in the first event of the 2006 Los Sueños Signature Billfish Series came less than five minutes after lines in. From there the catch tally did nothing but soar.


During the four-day tournament in January—the first of two in the 2006 Series—46 teams fishing off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast experienced the most productive billfish action in the tournament’s history. Before day two ended, the teams had already topped the tournament series’ record of 895 sailfish.

After day three, 1,230 sails and 52 blue, black and striped marlin had been released. Team Reel Justice scored two billfish grand slams in the first day alone. But that wasn’t enough to stop the Spanish Fly, as the crew broke the tournament-total record by releasing 70 sailfish and one marlin for a total score of 7,500.

The second half of the 2006 Series, which ended March 5, produced 762 billfish releases. For complete standings and tournament results, visit
—Rick Gaffney


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