Ten Great Surf Fly Fishing Videos

We searched across the web looking for the best beach and surf videos.

Beach anglers are a passionate group, and many freely admit that there is nothing better than the thrill of targeting big fish from the suds and surf. And it's hard to disagree with them when fish such as stripers, bluefish, snook, redfish, roosterfish, false albacore, and salmon can all be taken from the beach, depending on what part of the world you're fishing. We compiled these videos from across the web to give you a taste of the fishing action available. Varying in video and editing quality, each video had something unique that we feel made it a great fishing vid! Let us know if we overlooked one of your favorite surf videos. -Ed.

**Stripers and Bluefish in the Northeast US **

This trailer for the fishing documentary SIFF12: Northeast dabbles in the emotions behind the surf fishing culture of the Northeast, while also providing fantastic false albacore, bluefish and striper action.

Redfish and Little Tunny in the Panhandle of Florida

The crystal-clear, emerald waters of Destin, Florida allow boaters to hug the beaches sight fishing for bull redfish, schools of false albacore and even cobia.

Stripers and Steelhead on the Beaches near Monterey Bay, California

Even the rough surf can't stop these anglers from targeting stripers, surf perch and steelhead along the beaches near Monterey Bay.

Striper Fishing the Long Island Beaches

One angler's compilation of his fly fishing season in the surf zone around New York City. His locations covered the Hudson River and Long Island Sound in the spring and the south shore beaches of Long Island.

Redfish on the Beaches of Jacksonville, Florida

These fly anglers took video of their fishing adventures in the surf of Jacksonville's Talbot Island for the silver-colored redfish.

Permit and Trevally in Seychelles

Even though these anglers took a boat to to get to their "beach," they were still wading on foot to target permit and different trevally species in Seychelles.

Redfish and Jacks at Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

These anglers used their trucks to get to untouched beach and bayfronts to target redfish, black drum and jack crevalle in Texas.

Fly Fishing for Roosterfish in Baja Sur, Mexico

With some of the most outrageous fins on a fish, we can't imagine how hard it would be to actually sight-fish a roosterfish off the beach. Still, getting to a beach that has roosterfish, and hooking and landing one is a different story.

New Jersey Bluefish Blitz

This video may not necessarily cover fly fishing for bluefish, but it does show the massive bluefish schools that invade parts of Northeast beaches for fly anglers to target.

Florida Snook Fishing

This video shows the excitement and agony of hooking and breaking off a massive snook, common on southern Florida beaches during the summer. (Warning: Some offensive language near the end of the video.)