Reader Tips: On the Road

This will fit snugly into a 2-inch trailer-hitch receiver...


I came up with this simple rod carrier that cost less than $12 to build. You need to start with a 6-inch (approximately) 2 x 2 that will fit snugly into a 2-inch trailer-hitch receiver. In that piece, 2 inches from the end, drill a hole large enough for the receiver pin. Next, take four 18-inch pieces of PVC pipe and drill through in each piece 2 holes large enough to fit a wood screw and drill bit. Mount these PVC pipes on a 24-inch piece of 1 x 6 with the wood screws.  Cut a notch in the top of each pipe so the reel seat has a place to fit. Attach the 1 x 6 to the end of the 2 x 2 using L-brackets. Put an eye bolt in each end of the 1 x 6. Slip the whole rig into your receiver, insert the pin and then drop the rods into the holder. Run a bungee cord from one eye bolt to the other across the reels to hold them in place.

Frank Lenna
Decatur, Tennessee


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