Tying Instructions: The Wide Side

Tying Instructions: The Wide Side


Step 1. Start by wrapping a base of thread down the hook shank to the area where the hook flattens out.

Step 2. Take about 10 or so fibers of yellow Kinkyfibre and tie in on top of the center of the hook shank. Fold the material back and wrap with a few turns on top of the fold to secure the material and help in facing the folded material to the rear. Then tie in yellow glimmer folded in the same fashion. Tie in about three rows of each.

Step 3. Tie in about three rows of white Kinkyfibre alternating with rows of pearl Polarflash. Proceed with two rows of violet Kinkyfibre with multi-light pearl-dyed glimmer, followed by olive fish hair alternating with chartreuse Polarflash. Then finish the top with a row of chartreuse and then peacock angel hair. Do not fold the white, violet or olive Kinkyfibre materials so that the fly becomes progressively larger.

Step 4. Take the 3-D molded eyes and place them in the front of the fly. Press these eyes in firmly, with the front edge of the eye just on top of the hook shank. Then take a good pair of ice-temperedscisors and trim the body to the proper shape as shown. Take a permanent black marker and mark the bunker 'dot' behind the eye.

Step 5. Cover the wrapping threads and areas around the eyes with Softex. Softex will add incredible durability to the fly and will prevent the eyes from falling off. Set aside to allow the Softex to dry.