Tying Instructions: Jetty Critter

Step 1.  Take a light wire #6 or #4 hook and tie on artic fox or rabbit tail then take wire cutters and trim hook off as close to hook eye as possible (underneath the materials). Different colors can be used but I recommend chartreuse. If you wonder why, look at a white or brown shrimp’s tail.Step 2.  Create extension using light single-strand leader wire and make at least two complete twist in the wire around the hook eye of the tail. The twists prevent the tail from riding up on the hook. Trim the wire to the length that you desire and tie onto the shank of the hook of the fly extending it beyond the bend in the hook as far as you need, to achieve the proper length.Step 3.  Tie on Orvis Eye Balz. The weight of the eyes should be relative to where you will be fishing and the type line you will be fishing.  Step 4. Tie in estaz where the extension and hook meet. Wrap towards tail and then wrap back over extension all the way back to the eyes. Cross-wrap the eyes and finish off at the eye of the hook. Step 5. Add rock-guard/eye-stalks by creating a two-prong guard using the appropriate size Hard Mason for the size hook you choose for the fly. Melt the ends of the guards using a lighter. This gives the impression of eyes. (More for the fisherman than the fish.)