Tying Instructions: Higdalgo's Scorpion

Step 1. Tie a horizontal loop with the monofilament at the rear of the hook.   **

Step 2.** Wrap the thread to the front of the hook and tie in the lead eyes.   **

Step 3.** Tie in a rabbit strip behind the eyes and secure it to the hook shank by wrapping the thread to the rear of the hook and back again, forming the body. Saturate all the thread wraps with head cement. I am using a different color thread for the head of this fly, so I tied the yellow thread off before cementing.**

Step 4.** Rotate the vise and tie the wing. First tie the flash material. In this case I used both yellow crystal flash and green flashabou. **

**    **

Step 5.** Then tie the top of the wing. In this case I used both green bucktail and green dyed squirrel tail.. Cement the head and the fly is finished.|