Tying the Bristol Knot

The bristol knot is used for joining a doubled fishing line to leader


The Bristol knot, also known as the no-name knot, is a low-profile connection that is useful for joining the double line of a Bimini twist, Spider hitch or similar loop knot to a heavier piece of monofilament, such as when building a wind-on leader. It is effective for joining lines of greatly varying diameter, and can even be used to connect an 80-pound leader to a loop of 20-pound main line.

The Bristol knot is simple to tie and results in a very streamlined connection that passes through guides and over rollers without snagging. It's also less likely to pick up weeds and grass when pulled through the water.

1. Pass the tag end of the leader through the loop of doubled line.

2. Keeping your index finger hooked around the leader, wrap the tag end five to seven times around the doubled line.

3. Pass the tag end back through the loop formed by your index finger, in the opposite direction from which it entered in step one.

4. Tighten the knot by moistening the lines with saliva and pulling on both the standing part of the leader and the double line. Trim the tag end, which should protrude at a 90-degree angle.